Readings By Dr. Gina Marie

Dr. Gina is a regular contributor to "Connection Beyond 920, The Voice" radio program and has been featured on Xandermonium Radio show and Madrigal Media radio.  She was a featured pet psychic on the National Geographic Channel's series "Rescue Ink". Gina was also featured on Fox 5  NY Predicting the Future with Robert Moses.

Gina Marie is a naturally gifted channel with intuition running in her family line.  Ever since she was a little girl, messages from those in spirit world as well as clairvoyant messages came naturally and quickly.  Over the years, Gina learned to balance it with other areas of life so she can provide accurate messages of health, hope and healing.When Gina gets "connected", there is no stopping the detailed information that comes through during a client session. All you have to do is sit back and listen. Gina loves giving insights on all aspects of life, especially relationships and pets, and can pick up amazing details from a photo. She also has a strong ability to "remote view", which means sensing information and tuning in to the *present* moment with extreme accuracy. Gina also has a strong connection to those in spirit, and enjoys relaying these messages during her sessions!


Dr. Gina Marie

Dr. Gina Marie is a professional medium psychic and remote viewer. She believes in providing you with insight into your path, but her philosophy is based on empowering YOU to make the right decisions.

Dr. Gina Marie holds a Doctorate in Rehabilitation Medicine from Temple University, a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Jefferson University, and two Bachelor degrees from New York University in Psychology and Exercise Science.

In 2010, Gina became a Certified Professional Reader from the Knowledge For Living, Inc. Intuitive Development Program in Marlton NJ. She became one of an elite group of top tier readers featured by the company run by Medium Mariza Liza Pell, and has been featured as an online International reader with the company.  She is also a specialty instructor on remote viewing at the school.